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23 March 2020

Due to the Corona virus outbreak we have decided that as from today 23 March2020 and as pet shops are on the government list of shops that could remain open,  we will be open for business all day on Wednesday and Saturday 10am to 4pm until further notice.

It is our opinion that for the health and safety of ourselves our customers and the local community and especially the NHS that now is the time to make this hard decision, also by partly closing we are helping to discourage people from visiting our area therefore making it safer for all and in order that we can hopefully  deal with this major crisis. The sooner we all make these hard decisions the quicker that we can get back to normal and once again enjoy to the full this fantastic place that we are all privileged to live in.
If you need to place an order  with us, or require special foods etc for your animals from us during this time, please email or visit the shop with your order by Saturday or call the shop on the opening days.

We will be reviewing the situation on a regular basis and  will resume normal hours as soon as it is safe to do so.